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I am a quite inventive sort of person since my childhood, and now I try to make my kid’s childhood a little creative too. When I was young, I used to go for the most innovative ways to decorate the house and the yard in such a way that everyone in the neighbourhood used to ask my mother about how the preparation was done. This interest of mine little bit got lesser as with three kids and a husband I got way too busy. But this year on Halloween my kids wanted me to go for some fancy decoration. I did try to do that, but for my kid’s costume, I consulted Boden discount code from supersavermama.

Boden didn’t disappoint my kids with the variety they had with them for the young pretenders. My daughter Sara got her youthful knight dress which she wanted to dress up as to save her brothers from the danger. Alex got the prince’s outfit of the LaLa Land where he tried to keep his family out of the reach of all the hazards. While Eric wanted to be the fire-breathing dragon which can keep all the bad guys at bay.

My kids had a wild imagination, and I was quite happy that they got what they were looking for. The styles matched the quality, and the even better price came in front of me when I was checking out of the store. The discounts were so hefty that things stayed within my budget set to celebrate this Halloween.

My innovative mind used all the DIY household stuff to create the theme for the Halloween. The yard was all decorated with pumpkins carved and candles placed in them while the other spooky thing made sure that everything looks according to the horror movie my kids and I just saw based on Halloween.

Sara had all the creative and innovative skills which I possessed as she showed by making a witch of the flying broom using crepe paper and other stuff at home. I was pleased to find my girl all so imaginative.

The delivery of the clothes was received by us two days before Halloween, and my babies were so anxious to try them on while I was sure they would look perfect on them. I’m just waiting for the Halloween just like my kids to see my kids all dressed up and ready to spook out everyone in the neighbourhood by asking for Trick or Treat. Thanks Boden for making this Halloween a special one for my kids.



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